14th of June 2022
Host: Helsingborg, Greater Copenhagen Region

Previous years speakers

Greg Clark

Keynote | Rebranding cities as the main vehicle for economic growth, innovation and fighting climate change.

Simon Anholt

Place Branding 2.0 - A new manifesto for place image

Inga Hlín Pálsdóttir

Lessons from Iceland | Crisis management and sustainability

Ank Hendriks

Utrecht | City branding, placemaking for a healthy city, solving global challenges

Eva Jilkén

Vi Landsbyggare | How to attract entrepreneurs to the countryside?

Brian Twomey

Tourism Ireland | Leveraging the potential of film for tourism and economic development

Øyvind Såtvedt

Oslo Region Alliance | Oslo: The Power of the Place

Martin Roos

Eskilstuna | The world capital of recycling

Helene Friis

Norway | Nation branding and sustainable solutions

Siw Andersen

Oslo Innovation Week | How to use platform thinking as a way of place branding?

Katarina Thorstensson

Gothenburg | European Capital of Smart Tourism 2020  

Raymond Johansen

Oslo City | What others could learn from the European Green Capital 2019.

Pipa Turvanen

Talent Boost | A unique and innovative national talent attraction management programme

Catharina Vinther Engqvist

Invest in Aalborg | How to build a Chinese-Nordic bridge against all odds

Anne Beate Hovind

Future Library | Why invest in public art, what tangible benefits it gives a city and how other cities can learn from it. 

Martin Boisen

Workshop | Place Brand Management in practice

Kjartan Slette

Unacast | Data-based urban planning, economic development and services for people.

Kristofer Ågren

Telia | Data-based urban planning, economic development and services for people.

Pärtel-Peeter Pere

Future Place Leadership | Moderator

Anna Gissler

Stockholm Business Region | How Stockholm is A Woman's Place

Bernie Borgeson

Edmonton Economic Development | How grassroots create an authentic, lasting and powerful global brand

Guðrið Højgaard

Faroe Islands | Creating impactful content with stakeholders and building on marketing success. 

Mia Kemppaala

Polar Bear Pitching | Do exceptional things with the uniqueness of your place

Henrik Holmskov

Viborg | How can small cities attract major investments like an Apple data centre?

Luuk Helleman

The Hague | Branding is placemaking + place promotion.

Ramon Marrades

La Marina de Valencia, Spain | Making a city more attractive and profitable – the Valencia case

Petra Weslien

Truecaller | How does a company benefit from city branding

Jorick Beijer

The Class of 2020 | The Co-Revolution in Living, Working & Learning

Mariela Alfonzo

State of Place | Data-drive urban design and the triple bottom line.

Laura Kamras

Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs | Branding the happiest country on earth

Helena Renström

Skellefteå | Building a brand that attracts investments

Ivan Jimenez Aira

Bilbao | Digitalising talent attraction

Felix Laate

Greater Stavanger | How to reposition a region and earn a new reputation?

Anders Frølund

Aarhus University | Increasing business tourism in a win-win-win solution

Helena Nordström

Placebrander | Small and remote but world famous

Mats Hederos

Urban Escape | Creating meeting places that provide value for society and for businesses.

Lotta Andersson

Visit Stockholm | Country & Capital: better results through co-operation

Gabriella Augustsson

Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs | How manage one of the best country brands in the world

Elina Nurmi

Helsinki | Fireside chat: building an International House

Leonardo Ortega

Work in Estonia | Fireside chat: building an International House

Michael Persson Gripkow

Visit Sweden | Country & Capital: better results through co-operation

Martin Güll

Helsingborg city | Rethinking the place experience with digital partnerships

Jouni Eho

Kotka, Finland | Reimagining a city as the curriculum for the learning environment of the 21st Century

Claire Tan

Ministry of Communications and Information, Singapore | Destination marketing and nation branding - The Singapore Story

Erik Ruth

Nordic Surfers Sweden | Place branding through sustainable cultural events.

Lykke Geisler Yakaboylu

Visit Greenland | Using values and stakeholders to create a brand of Greenland

Moa Björnson

Træna Island & Artica Svalbard | How tiny places far away can be in the lead of innovative thinking and doing

Louise Juhl

Copenhagen Capacity | Building a leading business hub through digital marketing

Tobias Grut

Nordic Council of Ministers | Rethinking the concept of place branding

Mateu Hernández

Barcelona Global | Engaging business, civic, cultural and scientific leaders on a common strategy to promote the city.

Nikolaj Lubanski

Copenhagen Capacity | Innovating Talent Attraction

Nelly Gocheva

The New York Times, T Brand Studio | Place Branding: How to maximise global audience engagement with your brand

Kaspar Korjus

Enterprise Estonia | e-Residency: digital disruption and country branding. 


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