2nd of April 2020
Oslo, Norway

Anders Frølund

Anders is the of Head of Events and Communication Support at Aalborg University.

How to make the most of business tourism and growth in the city in a sustainable way? So it would benefit all and long-term? In Aarhus, a setup of collaboration between the city, the meeting industry and the university has managed to increase business tourism and have a huge impact on the local economy and the brand of the city.


Behold a Win-Win-Win solution: The university attracts more conferences, the city profits directly and with brand value and the hotels, restaurants, shops, meeting places and enjoy more customers.

This is a successful case of collaboration and making the most of business tourism. Figures demonstrate the growth of international conferences, hotel stays and feedback collected from stakeholders.

Anders will talk about how to start and lead change and making collaboration between the private and public sector happen: how can many small initiatives in a general framework end up being a major branding advantage?

Anders Frølund,
Aarhus University | Increasing business tourism in a win-win-win solution


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