3rd of April 2019
Stockholm, Sweden

Catharina Vinther Engqvist

Catharina is the Director – Invest in Aalborg.

“- But, this has never been done before.

– OK, so we will do first.”

Aalborg is a growing city on the northern tip of Denmark and as such, it cannot really claim to be centrally positioned. Or it could – there is Sweden, Norway, the Danish straits and world-class infrastructure. But we have all heard this story. So how has Aalborg managed to play itself into a position where the 210 000 people city is growing and attracting Chinese investments?

Attitude. That’s the secret that won Aalborg their latest investment, the Chinese-Nordic Innovation Center (CNIC) from Shanghai by the North Eastern Tech Transfer Center, a governmental organisation that represents 64 of the largest innovation regions in China.

What can others learn from Aalborg’s success? Invest in relationships and co-operate in your town. Also, do not forget the soft values, don’t forget the story. It matters. The Chinese and Americans want to add a Nordic feeling to their products and services. This is something that money cannot buy, but adds premium value.

To begin with, it is your story that can spark interest the best.

Catharina will talk about how to present investors an offer they cannot refuse with local co-operation and investing in relationships.

Catharina Vinther Engqvist,
Invest in Aalborg | How to build a Chinese-Nordic bridge against all odds


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