2nd of April 2020
Oslo, Norway

Claire Tan

Dr Claire Tan (PhD) is the Director of the National Marketing Office in the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) in Singapore. She’s been with the government in various roles for eight years, including Press Secretary to Singapore’s Minister for Defence and the Ministry’s Director of Public Communications.

Singapore is known for its safety, cleanliness, and stability. Beyond its effectiveness and efficiency qualities, Singapore’s softer and liveability aspects are less known.

Its people, their DNA, the attributes that drive this small nation marked by a little red dot on the global map – none of these has ever been made known to the world in a concerted manner.

Claire will share the journey of Singapore’s new “Passion Made Possible” brand – conceived with the intent of bringing out Singapore’s “software” to balance the undoubted hardware this city nation is reputed for. Destination marketing need not be separate from nation branding. Claire will also share how they use branding as a way to generate community and national pride.

Claire will be talking about Passion Made Possible: Destination marketing and nation branding – The Singapore Story.

Claire Tan,
Ministry of Communications and Information, Singapore | Destination marketing and nation branding - The Singapore Story


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