2nd of April 2020
Oslo, Norway

Helena Nordström

Helena is a TedX talker, the CEO of Placebrander and a place marketing professional.

Being a small place that is difficult to reach and is far away from the big cities need not be a complete disadvantage. Helena Nordström has worked with several inspiring places that have managed to turn a disadvantage into an advantage.

Helena is a TEDx speaker, author and entrepreneur who, in 2004, whose interest in place branding was sparked when she went to New York to study how Sweden is being marketed abroad.

She was a Marketing Manager at Destination Jönköping before she founded Placebrander – and has since then worked with 40ish local, regional and national places. Helena is passionate about small places with challenges that put the creativity to the test.

She will describe trends and success factors in place marketing and give you inspiring insights – before you go home and make a difference with your place.

Helena will talk about how several small places have made big things that stand out in the crowd.

Helena Nordström,
Placebrander | Small and remote but world famous


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