2nd of April 2020
Oslo, Norway

Ivan Jimenez Aira

Ivan is the Managing Director at Bizkaia:talent

Bilbao has been doing a lot to attract talent, with results and visibility. (see BBC interview). The Bilbao effect is still in full force, this is the talent aspect of the gem.

Bilbao and the Biscay region has been at the forefront of attracting talents for a few years. Recently, they have built a refined digital machine, such as the Basque Talent Map or the Basque Talent Observatory. Why? Because they want to go where the talent is, not the other way around, so they can meet people at the Be Basque Talent events.   

The Be Basque Talent network has more than 11 000 professionals in 100 countries and despite the name, 45% of them are not basque born people. In 2018, they have intermediated more than 500 job offers. A recent Be Basque Talent meeting resulted in 8 professionals hired and 12 contracts under negotiation.

What can others learn? Well, in addition to the digital tools and who to leverage them, it’s the beginning that’s the hardest. Local stakeholders didn’t understand how Bizkaia:talent, launched in 2005, could attract talents midst a crisis in 2007. They analysed the needs of talent and made the case of the negative demographic outlooks in the region. In 2013 unemployment was at 17%, in 2018 it was 9% and decreasing. They key skills that the region still lacks are often through their network.

Ivan will talk about how to build and leverage digital tools to attract talent and co-operate with stakeholders.

Ivan Jimenez Aira,
Bilbao | Digitalising talent attraction


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