14th of June 2022
Host: Helsingborg, Greater Copenhagen Region

Katarzyna Maria Dygul

Katarzyna is a public relations and social media Manager for Visit Iceland at Business Iceland. Her work evolves around various aspects of destination marketing and tourism promotion for Iceland, including day to day media relations, all of which provide opportunities to observe the newest trends within the travel sector. Focus on responsible tourism and Iceland’s creative industries ensures that Visit Iceland has tools to develop strong storytelling when it comes to promoting Iceland as a destination.

Big blockbuster films and international streaming services have significantly increased international awareness of destinations and their local creators across the creative industries.

According to visitor surveys conducted by the Icelandic Tourism Board, creative industries including film, TV programmes and music have become one of the deciding factors for travelers to put Iceland on their must-visit map. The on-screen exposure Iceland has received in the recent years, can therefore undoubted be translated to the Iceland´s increased position as a destination.  

 Business Iceland has been working with creative industries and film tourism for several years now, however a close connection to the filming industry through the Film in Iceland project, has been key to forming a well aligned strategy in promoting Iceland not only as a destination, but also as a global brand within filmmaking.

Film in Iceland being managed by Business Iceland, has allowed for a targeted approach and focus on film productions that are of value to Iceland and support its sustainable development.

As an example, since 2010 the art and business of filmmaking in Iceland has more than tripled in size, granting the industry a considerable impact on local culture and economy.

These developments amongst other factors have led to new governmental policies to impact industries based on innovation, creativity and sustainability.


Katarzyna will talk about how working with the legacy of film, TV, music and other creative industries within the destination can lead to identifying opportunities in destination branding.

Katarzyna Maria Dygul,
Business Iceland | Creative industries and legacy of film in destination management


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