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Host this year: Oslo, Norway

Kjartan Slette

Data-based urban planning, economic development and services for people: case Unacast.

Kjartan Slette is the co-founder and Chief Operation Office at Unacast, NYC based Norwegian company working with cities and data.

Unacast’s work is about democratising the access to data.

Cities and countries have been called services, giving us City as A Service or Country as A Service much like Software As a Service. A good example of this approach in essence and in marketing is Helsinki – City as A Service  campaign to attract international talent to the city and experience the Finnish capital as “demo users”.

Knowing how to serve your citizens, visitors and target groups is important and data allows us to know ever more accurately about their needs. How do they move, where do they come from, do they stay at a square or use a street that the city intended or is planning to redesign – all such decisions and long-term investments can be based on data.

According to Kjartan, if cities are thought of as products, then similarly with digital products we must understand and measure city data to understand how those products are impacted before, during, and after a change. Unacast helps cities to change through data: Data is the fuel of change. Unacast has been recognised for their innovation and diversity. Kjartan is a co-founder, passionate about cities and an entrepreneur. For example, he has also co-founded TIDAL, a high-quality music streaming service acquired by the known US musician and businessman Jay Z in 2015.

Why data? The world is becoming increasingly dependent on data to power everything from machine learning and AI to marketing. Kjartan saw a need to fix access to and accuracy from location data in cites. That is the why? behind Unacast and their Real World Graph®.  It looks how people move as a node network to facilitate for better and smarter applications in analytics, retail, e-commerce, marketing, transportation, and AI, to name a few. It is based on indoor and outdoor data collected from the interactions mobile devices have with location products and sensors all over the globe. This data is rigorously verified and synthesized with other user data. (Source: Kjartan’s blog.)

Co-operation is key to a lot of this. Telia’s Kristofer Ågren will join Kjartan to explain how they can serve cities with aggregate mobile data.

Kjartan and Kristofer will talk about how cities can make data-based decisions within urban planning, transportation, economic development and providing services for people.


Kjartan Slette,
Unacast | Data-based urban planning, economic development and services for people.


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