2nd of April 2020
Oslo, Norway

Laura Lindeman

Talent Boost is a unique nationwide programme to attraction and retention management. The programme connects places branding with attracting, recruiting, soft landing, integration and reputation management of talents. This talent ecosystem involves several stakeholders: the government, cities, universities, NGOs, business chambers and others. The purpose is to work together for common goals on the Talent Boost platform.

The Talent Boost goals are straightforward:

  1. Attract more international talents to Finland
  2. Channel the expertise of international talents living in Finland to boost growth and internationalisation of companies
  3. Make working and business life more inclusive for international talents.

There is a lot others can learn from this programme. Begin with the ecosystemic thinking behind Talent Boost and sharing of some practical cases. For example, Talent Call competition by Turku and City as a Service by Helsinki, the #FinlandWorks campaigns, Hidden Gems spouse programme, Talent Explorer funding, Rent a Finn as a case showing how tourism and talent attraction go hand in hand.

There is a lot a country can offer. This country has pulled it all together and is sharing it between its different cities. You may even read about it in their Talent Boost Cookbook Finland.

Why should others consider doing the same? Because all countries, cities and regions compete for talent and need to step up their game. Finland has gone from words to action to achieve a bigger impact together. They do not focus on organisations, but actions – no matter which organisation is implementing them. The secret is that the ownership of Talent Boost and responsibility is clear: the programme is co-ordinated by both the Ministry of Labour and Economic Affairs as well as Ministry of Education and Culture, however the substance lies in the large and functioning network or cities, service providers, companies and international talents. The ministry is there to serve: to help orchestrate and bring the talent boosters together.

Resilience, entrepreneurship kind of thinking and passion are needed in this work, which is often under political turbulence. Even though you might work with project funding, you need to be able to work strategically, persistently and think big.

One of the success factors is to include international talents and companies themselves in planning and implementing the services. This principle is followed in all Talent Boost development.

Laura will talk about how anyone could build a simple and functioning national talent network and she will share innovative cases how cities work with international talent.


Laura Lindeman,
Talent Boost | A unique and innovative national talent attraction management programme


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