2nd of April 2020
Oslo, Norway

Leonardo Ortega

Leonardo is the Project Manager responsible for Work in Estonia.

A new International House of Estonia was established in the end 2018. This is a long awaited initiative. Several countries and cities wish to have one and Copenhagen, Helsinki and Tallinn are among the few lucky ones who have it.

This helps to retain and integrate highly skilled workers. How to build one?

The aim of IHE is to provide the best possible user experience to international specialists in Estonia. It guides internationals through the needed processes and assists them in better adapting to Estonian society.

Seven government organisations, together with the private sector, have come together into this one-stop-shop to provide over a dozen services with a single online-booking system.

This process has been like creating a start-up. One of the main tasks was to collect information and systematise it: how many (and which) services do we have today, and how many (and which) we need to develop in the future.

Together with Elina, Leonardo will talk about how to motivate collaboration from different stakeholders and build a public sector start-up.

Leonardo Ortega,
Work in Estonia | Fireside chat: building an International House


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