2nd of April 2020
Oslo, Norway

Mariela Alfonzo

Dr. Mariela Alfonzo is the CEO and co-founder of State of Place.

How can you measure and put together data on what economic impact of an urban regeneration process will have on the local economy? If you put in one euro in revamping a street – how much do you get back in the future? State of Place has solved this critical challenge with AI so that cities and developers can plan and build liveable cities – all based on data.

State of Place is an exciting urban tech company that works with AI and creating liveable cities. State of Place helps urban planners, real estate developers, politicians and communities to plan and executive better urban places by calculating the quality of a place with 290+ built environment features, such as street trees, sidewalks, and benches, collected at street level. It indicates how walkable – convenient, safe, dynamic and liveable – a block, group of blocks or neighbourhood.

This will enable to easily calculate the financial value of a place currently and after an a planned investment has been carried out. This evidence-based approach maximises the efficiency and effectiveness of both human and financial resource allocation toward achieving walkability and economic development goals.

In other words, have you ever wondered what the Return On Investment looks like if you decide to pedestrianize a street? Data answers what financial value walkable public spaces generate. What is more, it establishes an accountable, transparent, and robust decision-making process.

Mariela has  20 years of experience in the nexus between urban design, behaviour, and the triple bottom line. Bridging the gap between academia and practice, Dr. Alfonzo is also a Research Professor at NYU, a Fulbright Scholar, and one of Urban Land Institute’s 40 under 40 best young land use professionals around the globe.

Mariela will talk about how to use data to design public spaces that are safe, attractive and create financial value.

Mariela Alfonzo,
State of Place | Data-drive urban design and the triple bottom line.


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