The city of Helsing..." /> Martin Güll - Nordic Place Branding Conference
3rd of April 2019
Stockholm, Sweden

Martin Güll

The city of Helsingborg in Sweden has gone through a tourism and destination transformation over the last few years. With very high cost per contact, and limited means, the whole experience had to be re-designed from a traditional Tourist bureau approach, to a digital first approach.

In this process, partnership is a key element, both with citizens as well as businesses. Martin is the Chief Digital Officer of the city and has embarked on a co-operation with a digital bureau called ustwo, who will help the city of Helsingborg in the pursuit of the best physical-digital experience in the world.

Martin will talk about how to rethink and redesign the place experience with digital partnerships.

Martin Güll,
Helsingborg city | Rethinking the place experience with digital partnerships


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