Nikolaj Lubanski Nikolaj Lubanski - Nordic Place Branding Conference
3rd of April 2019
Stockholm, Sweden

Nikolaj Lubanski

Nikolaj Lubanski is the Director for Talent Attraction at Copenhagen Capacity, the official investment promotion agency of Greater Copenhagen. In Copenhagen Capacity, he assists Danish companies in attracting the right highly skilled international candidates – and has innovated the way in which we grab the attention of international candidates through digital channels and direct marketing. Nikolaj is passionate about research and knowledge-sharing, and is the author of several books and publications within the area of innovation, labour-market issues and management. Most recently he has co-authored a book on Talent Attraction Managementintroducing some best practice guidelines to Talent Attraction for Cities, Regions and Countries.

Nikolaj will talk about Innovating Talent Attraction.

Nikolaj Lubanski,
Copenhagen Capacity | Innovating Talent Attraction


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