2nd of April 2020
Oslo, Norway

Tobias Grut

Tobias Grut is the Brand Manager for The Nordics, a joint Nordic branding initiative initiated by Nordic Council of Ministers – the official body for intergovernmental co-operation in the Nordic Region.

Tobias is heading the development and implementation of a common brand for the Nordic region – a brand which everybody can use and tap into when the “Nordic” story adds value to their agenda, whether being an embassy abroad, an enterprise or an individual with a Nordic mindset.

Branding The Nordics is all about starting new conversations. But how do you create a place brand for The Nordics when most traditional place branding efforts fights for the same attention with the same arms. And all Nordic countries are so great at branding themselves already?

Tobias has a background from several strategic design- and branding agencies, where he’s been working with clients from both public- and private sector, helping them in building strong brands.

Tobias will talk about: Rethinking the concept of place branding

Tobias Grut,
Nordic Council of Ministers | Rethinking the concept of place branding


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